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Fundamental Concepts in Programming (CSYS 2320)

2320 was an introductory course to programming that taught the various styles of programming, programming syntaxes, and programming software. I was introduced to Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 as a development environment. Programming in VB was our first programming language, which fed into Java in later classes.

Application Development (CSYS 2321)

Expanding on the fundamental concepts of programming course, and delving deeper into the Visual Basic Development Environment, I learned how to create more usable and secure programs. Also, developing executables that incorporated MS Access databases to store various pieces of information. Making the VB/MS environment navigable was a goal during this course as it would allow me to code comfortably in just about any coding environment.

Information Technology Hardware & Software (CSYS 2341)

Learning anything and everything about the innerworking of a PC and its OS was the focus of this course. I learned to upgrade PC hardware such as, video cards, sound cards, modems, NIC's, Memory, Hard Drives, CPU's, etc. Also I was introduced to the Linux Operating System. I was allowed to install it on a PC, but at the time Linux was in its infancy and I didn't get to learn more about the OS. Since taking this course I have built my own personal server/workstation that I am using today. I hope to learn more about the Linux OS and currently have plans to build a PC with it as the OS.

Database Analysis & Design (CSYS 3330)

Database design and implementation was the bulk of the C.I.S. degree program and this was the intro course to database design. Its purpose was to familiarize us with the MS Access '97 program. This course was valuable as we stepped into more and more database design, as well as, with the release of MS Access 2000 later on.

Information Systems Analysis & Design (CSYS 3331)

This course further explained the database design process and we were beginning to create Access databases that functioned as standalone programs. The database design/analysis began to take more time as we learned about normalization for a relational database and the steps involved.

Programming for Internet/Intranet (ELCM 4310)

Using tools such as Macromedia's Dreamweaver, MS Front Page, and MS Visual Interdev we learned to incorporate scripting into a web site. The types of scripting were: Javascript, VBscript, and Active Server Pages. We began to use ASP as a means to create dynamic pages, as well as, to send e-mails via forms and input information to databases via forms.

Network Design & Implementation (ELCM 4340)

Networking computers together has always been a skill I felt was necessary. During the course I learned the protocols, networking media, various networking layers, and networking as it pertains to the internet, with focus on TCP/IP and FTP. Since taking this course I have added 802.11b wireless networking to my arsenal.

Introduction to Electronic Commerce (ELCM 2310)

Intro. to EC was an informational course on the technologies fo the web and e - commerce. Areas of interest included merchant accounts, RSA security, marketing on the web, web protocols, and internet communication.

Electronic Commerce Applications & Business Issues (ELCM 3310)

Java programming was an up and coming language on the market and this course began teaching me about object - oriented programming, as well as, we used MS J++ 1.1 to create some simple Apps & Applets.

Information Systems/Information Technology (CSYS 3350)

As part of the Electronic Commerce degree this course taught me about how information systems and the technologies are used in a web environment and the many tier system used for communication between databases, scripting, and users browser types.

Information Systems: Internet Marketing & E - Tailing (ELCM 4393)

This course was created specifically for another student and I, as we helped create a website for a Dallas business. It was a Rubber Stamping Company who wanted a presence on the web. We created a site and created ways to market on the web, including search engines, banner ads, affiliate programs, etc.

Object Oriented Software Engineering for Business I (CSYS 3315)

This course expanded on my CSYS3310 Java course and taught us more in-depth uses of Java as a platform independent/web environment. We incorporated many of our Visual Basic programming and modified the code to Java syntax.

Computer Information Systems - Systems Project (CSYS 4360)

Systems Project served as an exiting test for the Computer Information Systems Degree. As a group my partners and I organized information in a database, created a standalone VB app that interfaced with an Access database. We also created an ASP webfront for an identical application.

Computer & Telecommunications Security (ELCM 4320)

Security courses always teach you alot about PC viruses, trojan horses, etc. In this course we actually got to use many of the hacking tools that were out on the market. We created a simple MS server on a network and began trying to access the PC over the internet, as well as, the school network. We used tools like: IP Scanners, various Trojan Horse Software (NetBus, SubSeven, Back Orifice), Denial of Service Attack, Key Loggers, Brute Force and List Password Crackers, etc. By far it was one of my best courses at O.L.L.U.

Telecommunications Management (ELCM 3320)

Communications over the internet and networking has many types of media and technologies. During this course I learned about bandwidth limitations, media types, various ways that the public and private sectors use these technologies. Also, future technologies were discussed which include: 8021.11b, WAP, Gigabit Ethernet, and Fiber Optics.

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